Monday 1 December 2008

A Cutsie Christmas Add On Freebie

Gosh your being spoilt today lmao. Here is a freebie add-on to go with the kit. I forgot to say but they are all taggers size again. Download the add-on HERE

Cutsie Christmas FTU Kit

Yippeeeee! I have finished the `Cutsie Christmas` kit at last. Sorry I am a little late with it, but better late than never lol. You can download the kit HERE.

Thursday 27 November 2008

CU Candle Template Freebie

A layered candle template for you all to get creative with. Add embellishments, colourize etc.
Download the candle HERE

Wednesday 26 November 2008

A tag using the template

I made a tag using my new template. The scrap kit called So Cute by Chriscrap HERE

Freebie Template

A have a freebie template fot you, while I was messing around I put this together, hope someone can use it lol. You can download the template HERE.
It is in both PSD and PSP files.

Saturday 15 November 2008

New Tut~Fairy Wishes

This gorgeous tutorial by Tracy @ Chaotic House Designs using my Cherish FTU Kit.
Thank you so much I love it x

Tuesday 11 November 2008

This is a tag from my next kit...

For Sherri to say thank you for my tag. ~x~

Tag from my latest kit....

This was made by a good friend Sherri from PSPObsessions. Thank you so much Sherri hun I love my new tag xoxox

Monday 10 November 2008

New Freebie Kit

Purples, Pinks, Gold and Silver with a little Green thrown in. Very different but bright and cheerful. Hope someone has a use for this `Tranquil Xmas Kit`.
You can download

Tuesday 4 November 2008

CU Card

Commercial Use Card Freebie. This is in both PSD and PSP Files and in separate layers for easy colouring etc. Hope someone has a use for it lol. NO CREDIT REQUIRED.

Saturday 1 November 2008

Cherish Tutorial

A tutorial by Kay from my Cherish Kit. You can find the tutorial HERE.
Thank you so much Kay I love it ~x~

Thursday 30 October 2008

New Kit~Cherish

Another kit for all you taggers to have a play with lol.

24 Papers

64 Elements

You can download the CHERISH Kit


Wednesday 29 October 2008

New Tutorial By Gaylene

Another Beautiful tutorial using my Amour Kit. This one is by Gaylene @ Aussie Chic Tutorials.

***Thank you Gaylene***

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Two New Tuts By Tamie

Thanks Tamie these are gorgeous. You can find these two tutorials @ Addictive Pleasures

Halloween Witches

Well the Haunting Hour is nearly upon us and I am posting this pic of these `witches` about to cast their spells lol.

Happy Haunting Girls!

Another Tut From The `AMOUR` Kit

This tutorial is by Beth called `To Be Loved` and you can find it HERE

~Thanks Beth~


Wow look at this award. This has been passed on to me by Cheri of Wild Creationz and Babe of Babe`s Designs and Caz of Caz Designs
The rules of this award are to say 7 things I love and to then pass this award onto 7 people.

Well I love.........

♥ My Family ♥
♥ All my online friends ♥
♥ PSP`ing ♥
♥ Photography ♥
♥ Flower Arranging ♥
♥ Swimming ♥
♥ Running with my Dog ♥

Here are the 7 people I am passing this award on to:

Sara of Sinful Designs

Shadow of Shadow Creationz

Laura of Bitz `N` Bobs By Loz

Nicole of JBS2 Designs

Rachel of Rachelz Expressionz

Jenn of Just Jenn`s Junk

Beth of Unique Scrapz

Halloween Tut

Look at this Fabby Halloween Tut by Sheldon~you can find the tutorial HERE
***Thanks Sheldon***

Monday 27 October 2008

Two more Gorgeous Tutorials:

This one by Jessica using the Gorjuss artwork by Suzanne Woolcott called ` FOREVER LOVE`
you can find the tutorial....

Another Beautiful tutorial using the `AMOUR` Kit:
You can find this tutorial @ Chaotic House Design

Saturday 25 October 2008

Snow Fun Taggers Kit~FTU

My final Christmas Kit called Snow Fun.
You can download HERE

Thursday 23 October 2008

A Tutorial using my Amour Kit

A Tutorial by the talented Kay~thanks hunnie. You can find this tutorial HERE

Tuesday 21 October 2008


The amour kit is finished it has
15 Papers
52 Elements
Hope you enjoy the kit and as you can see I have used the kit on my blog. Download the AMOUR kit HERE

Saturday 18 October 2008

A Tutorial from my Passion Kit....

Look what Kay has made from my kit. You can find the tutorial at Kay`s Tutorials HERE
Thank you Kay x

Tuesday 14 October 2008

A quick tag made from my new kit.......

A New Freebie Kit-Passion

Well enough of Christmas Kits already lol. I just loved these colours and had to use them and this is what I came up with. The kit is called Passion. A taggers size kit again.
Hope you enjoy using this kit...I loved making this one.
Download HERE

Sunday 12 October 2008


wOOhOoO! I finished sooner than I thought. Free to use but for personal use only. Please read TOU when you have downloaded and have Fun Fun
Download HERE

Wednesday 8 October 2008


A Little Angel Glass Charm to add to your layouts.
Download her HERE


I have made this pretty bow and decided to put it here as a commercial use item. I hope someone has a use for it. You can colourise or even add papers for different effects. As you can see I have tested that lol.


CU Twirly Strings

Christmas Bauble~Personal Use Only

A Christmas Bauble to go with the frame.

Download Christmas Bauble HERE

Christmas Frame~Personal Use Only

A pretty frame decorated with ribbons and ponsiettas.
You can download the frame HERE.
It is in .PNG Format.

An Award

I have been awarded with this "Proximidade Award" or the "Friendship Around The World Award" from these lovely ladies:
Nicole @ Jbs2 Designs
I would love to pass this award on but it seems that most of you have already received this Friendship award lol.

So I thank you for giving me this award and I pass it on to all the Fabulous Blogs out there!
Hugzz Kittz

Wednesday 1 October 2008

A Question Thingy From Cheri ♥

1. How long have you been using PSP, PS?

I have been using PSP version 9 for the past year, before that I used V7. I would love to be able to purchase Adobe CS3..maybe Santa will bring it for me lol.

2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits?

Wow long story but to cut it short...I had a piczo site and saw all these lovely tags, so I found out what programme was used to create them and went on from there. Joined various groups and did lots of tutorials. The kits were started when I made my own elements for the tags.

3. Who`s your fave artist?

Well it`s gotta be Garv then Elias and recently I have purchased work by Ismael Rac. I love loads of others but they are my first choices.

4.Who`s your faveourite Scrap Designer?

I just love The NitWit collections and of course Ali`s lovely kits of Desinz By Ali, Missy and Yvette of Misfitz Scraps, Cinnemon Scraps, Lisa at Arty Pharty and Sharon Becker and a few others.

5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday?

Designz By Ali, Delicious Scraps and Wild Creationz. Can I only name 3? Lmao.

I will now passs this Question Thingy on to:
Monique at Enchanted Scraps
Enjoy Ladies

Monday 29 September 2008

A Gift with the Merry Christmas Kit

In the kit there is this tag. It is blank so you can just add your name, all I ask is that you do not take off my name on the bottom. Thank you.
Hugs Kittz

Freebie Merry Christmas Kit

I know it soooo early for Christmas but it gets rather hectic around that time, so I decided to get this one out of the way. It`s an early Christmas gift lol. There are loads of elements etc and taggers size again. Please can download Merry Christmas HERE

Sunday 28 September 2008

Journal Tag Template Freebie

This template has three layers and is in both PSD and PSP formats.
Download HERE

Monday 22 September 2008

An Amazing Award

I have been awarded this Gold Star Blog Award by Ali @Designs By Ali

Now I need to pass this award onto 3 other blogs and they are:

Cheri @Wild Creationz

Beth @Fairies Scraps

Monique @Enchanteed Scraps

Monday 15 September 2008

Spooky~Another Halloween Tut

Another tutorial. Still writing this one up, it should be ready by tomorrow....hopefully lol
Hugs Kittz

Friday 12 September 2008

Forever Love

Another tut using September Morn by Cinnamon Scraps. A truly Beautiful kit and the template by Cheri at Wild Creationz. Thanks hun ~x~

Rock N Roll...It`s A Way Of Life!

Working on another tut which should be ready soon.
Have a fabbie weekend everyone
Hugs Kittz

New Tutorial~BeWitching Garv

Well I have been slacking on the tutorials so I am taking a little break from scrapping to concentrate on doing a few more tuts. I will also be deleting a few older ones.
If anyone applies for my tutorial group..please, please no blank applications.
Hugs Kittz

Wednesday 10 September 2008

CU Seahorse Template

I know it`s not Halloween themed but I made this a while ago and it seemed a shame not to post it to share with you I made a tag using the template. If you want it clicky HERE
It`s in both PSD and PSP Formats.

Winnie Witch

It wouldn`t be Halloween without a little Witch, so here is Winnie she would go so well with my Halloween Kit don`t you think? I made her myself I am pleased with the way she looks lol. You can grab her HERE

Tuesday 9 September 2008

A Tag Made From The Add On Kit

I just had to display this tag by Lisa...I snagged it from CreativeMisfits MSN Group. Hope ya don`t mind Lisa....Fabbie tag!

Monday 8 September 2008

Halloween Add On Freebie

Wowee I am being so generous today lol. I won`t be around for a couple of days so posting this now. If you downloaded the kit then this is a perfect add-on.
Grab the add-on kit HERE
Thanks to Delicious Scraps for her overlays~much appreciated :)

Another Halloween Tag & A New Tutorial

A new tutorial on my site `Did I Scare Ya?`