Wednesday 11 March 2015


Preview of next kit CATTITUDE!

and the inspiration for the kit came from this tube, available to purchase
from the PSP Project with a license.


Unknown said...

love this kit.. are you ok , no post from you in awhile.. concerned..

Lori said...

I am wondering the same thing.
Are you okay, Kittz.
I am also concerned! Where are you Kittz? You are missed!

Unknown said...

Espero te encuentres bien de salud.
Muchas gracias, por compartirnos tu gran talento, hermosos diseños y este kit se ve precioso. Los mejores exitos.

Unique Styles said...

Hope you're okay lady! haven't seen you posting in awhile i went to download some other kits i haven't gotten and all the links are invalid oh noesssssss

Firefly said...

all links are dead hun XOXO